Duchess from Windsor Wallis Simpson ‘s the reason favorite scents are Estee Lauder Childhood Dew, Estee Lauder Estee, Jean Patou Ma Liberte

Duchess from Windsor Wallis Simpson ‘s the reason favorite scents are Estee Lauder Childhood Dew, Estee Lauder Estee, Jean Patou Ma Liberte

Drew Barrymore ‘s the reason favorite perfumes try Annick Goutal Petite Cherie, Apothia In the event the, Chanel Options, Demeter Gin Tonic, Sanrio Momoberry, Rose Very Deadly, Flower Sunrays, Kiera Mai scent, Assume fragrance, Patchouli oil

Age Hurley wears the fragrances Estee Lauder Gorgeous, Estee Lauder Instinct, Estee Lauder Delights, Estee Lauder White linen, Estee Lauder Hot, Carthusia Io Capri

Elizabeth Olsen wears new fragrances Age and James Nirvana Black colored, Elizabeth and you will James White scent oils, Christian Dior Meditative Poison Eau Exude

Age Taylor wears the newest fragrances Jean Desprez Bal A great Versailles, Rochas Femme, Tuvache Jungle Gardenia, Givenchy L’Interdit, Versace V’E, Age Taylor White Expensive diamonds, Age Taylor Permanently, Elizabeth Taylor Hobbies, Hermes Caleche

Elton John is why favourite perfumes was Zents Fig, Zents fragrances, Creed Royal Drinking water, Creed Silver Hill H2o, Parfum d’Empire Yuzu Fou

Emilia Fox is why favorite scents was Diptyque Olene, Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien, Jo Malone Amber Lavender, Jo Malone Orange blossom

Emma Watson ‘s the reason favorite scents try Donna Karan DKNY Be Delicious, Missoni Acqua, Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose, Chloe Roses de- Chloe

Emmy Rossum ‘s favourite fragrances is We Profumi di Firenze Vaniglia del Madagascar, Gucci Eau de Parfum, Christian Dior Skip Dior Cherie, Demeter Pinkitude Zero.1, Caudalie Fleur De- Vigne, Viktor Rolf Flowerbomb, Zuzuz Petalz aroma petroleum

Empress Eugenie wore this new scents Guerlain Eau De- Cologne Imperiale, Chanel Cuir de Russie, Creed Imperatrice Eugenie, Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie

Eva Green wears the fresh perfumes Santa Maria Novella Melograno, Santa Maria Novella Fresia, Santa Maria Novella Muschio, Santa Maria Novella perfumes

Evangeline Lilly ‘s favourite perfumes is actually Davidoff Cold water, You Store Vanilla extract aroma oils, Malie Kauai Mist, Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson

Owens Kid Scent, Love’s Baby Soft, Yves Saint-laurent Opium, Apothia Velvet Rope, Hilary Duff Which have Like, Hilary Duff Covered That have Love

Gabrielle Relationship is why favorite fragrances is actually Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire, New Brown Glucose, Ralph Lauren Ralph, Brush Clean Fragrance, Voluspa Cocoa Tamarind

Garance Dore ‘s the reason favorite scents was Comme De l’ensemble des Garcons Tels que Des Garcons, Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba, Calvin Klein CK One to, Cacharel Anais Anais

Gisele Bundchen wears brand new perfumes Yves Saint laurent Opium, Dolce Gabbana One, Victoria’s Miracle Earliest Abdomen, Victoria’s Miracle Breathless, Burt’s Bees Apricot baby oils, Religious Dior Passage No.nine

Gloria Swanson ‘s the reason favourite scents was Jean Patou Happiness, Jean Patou Ma Liberte, Estee Lauder Youthfulness Dew, Caron Narcisse Noir, Gres Cabochard

Goldie Hawn wears the new scents Creed Tubereuse Indiana, Annick Goutal Eau Du Sud, Brandy Parfums Brandy, Floris scents, DSH Fragrances perfumes

Gwen Stefani is the reason favourite scents are Dana Love’s Kid Soft, Monyette Paris Monyette, Victoria’s Miracle scents, Stacked Concept Scentarettes, Gwen Stefani L

Elegance Kelly is why favourite scents is actually Creed Fleurissimo, Guerlain Chamade, Estee Lauder Estee, Estee Lauder Individual Collection, Houbigant Certains Fleurs L’Original, Lanvin Arpege

Gwyneth Paltrow wears the brand new perfumes Goop Version 01, Tom Ford Black colored Orchid, Creed Springtime Flower, Chanel Coco, Chanel No.19, New List For every Cassis, Fresh Benefit, Kai Kai, Hermes Rouge, Estee Lauder Delights, Cacharel Anais Anais, Prescriptives Calyx, I Profumi di Firenze Ambra Del Nepal, Michael Kors Michael, Hugo Boss Ma Compete Put Femme, Hugo Company Nuit Pour Femme, Tann Rokka Kisu, Antonia’s Herbs fragrances

Halle Berry wears this new perfumes L’Artisan Biggest Figuier, Brush Clean Fragrance, Michele Bergman Black Gardenia perfume oil, Calypso St. Barth Lea, Maitre Parfumeur ainsi que Gantier Tubereuse, New Benefit, Halle Berry Amazing Jasmine

Helena Bonham Carter is why favourite scents is actually Miller Harris Coeur De Fleur, Tann Rokka Kisu, Azzi Glasser customized scent (powder light floral with Champaca and you will jasmine and orange-blossom)

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